Sample Letter and Contact Information

Sample letter you can copy and paste, adding your own comments.

Dear Interior Secretary Zinke:

I am writing in opposition to the Trump Administration’s proposed “Five-Year OCS Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing Plan” in response to your request for public comments in the Federal Register at 2018-00083. The overreaching Draft Proposed OCS Program fails to balance resource potential with the environmental sensitivity and economic productivity of the various regions and virtually ignores inevitable damage to sensitive marine life and important fisheries, while disregarding the tragic lessons of past incidents such as the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico blowout and California’s 1969 Santa Barbara offshore oil blowout. The present brief public comment period is inadequate and most of the so-called “listening sessions” held by your agency are unfairly distant from the citizens and the coastal waters you are threatening. Your recent cynical attempt to co-opt this oil and gas leasing program to provide partisan favors for a political ally of the Administration is illegal and an embarrassment to your appointed role as a supposed steward of America’s public trust. Please abandon your dangerous scheme to replace the existing Five-Year OCS Leasing Plan with your emerging proposal to sell off America’s most sensitive coastal waters to the oil industry. Thank you for your attention to these comments.


(You may also submit your comments via U.S. Mail – as long as your submission arrives prior to March 9, 2018 – by sending them in an envelope labeled “Comments for the 2019-2024 Draft Proposed National Oil and Gas Leasing Program” to Ms. Kelly Hammerle, Chief, National Oil and Gas Leasing Program Development and Coordination Branch, Leasing Division, Office of Strategic Resources, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (VAM-LD), 45600 Woodland Road, Sterling, VA 20166-9216)